Geri-Care is uniquely qualified to provide the price-conscious consumer with National Brand Equivalent pharmaceuticals. Geri-Care is able to purchase the raw materials necessary to create our one-of-a-kind products at a reduced cost, which then enables our customers to benefit from a superior savings advantage. With a large customer base and mass institutional sales, we are proud to be able to stock a 3-month supply of private label or store brand products for all of our retail partners. This means that we are able to immediately ship out orders on demand to all retailers positioned as suppliers for brand equivalent pharmaceuticals.

With a state of the art inventory system, we are able to provide status updates to our retailers during every step of production. We utilize bar codes to ensure the accuracy of the information about our inventory, making our deliveries exceptionally reliable. Geri-Care opens up the possibility for our retailers to forego the cost of dual sourcing their products.

Geri-Care is experienced in generating excellent products with proper label information both quickly and efficiently. Our Art Department works with the consumer in mind to design labels that follow FDA requirements, are easily recognizable, and ensure accuracy. Those interested in joining the Geri-Care family can rest assured knowing virtually every major pharmaceutical and retail chain trusts us to provide consistent quality products that allow consumers to LIVE LIFE WELL.