about geri-care

Founded in 1989, Geri-Care Pharmaceuticals has become the leading pioneer of quality over-the- counter pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements production, with distinct significance on America’s geriatric population.
Our products are found in long-term care facilities and hospitals, as well as the nation’s largest drug chains and retailers. As the leading light in OTC pharmaceuticals, Geri-Care consistently updates its diverse selection of the very latest in FDA approved medications. Our state-of-the-art research department stays current and on the pulse of the latest scientific developments, introducing the latest in advanced innovative products to the market.

A dedicated team of Geri-Care experts, together with geriatric professionals, work diligently in cooperation towards our mission to provide an extensive catalog of drugs and supplements to our patients. We are entrusted to provide an unprecedented level of quality in our products at the lowest competitive pricing.As part of the Care Brands Family, our commitment to lead the geriatric pharmaceutical industry is only matched by our devotion to serve our community of patients in exceptional health to LIVE LIFE WELL.

geri-care’s mission

At Geri-Care, we wholeheartedly believe in our duty to provide the resources necessary to live life to its fullest potential, in healthy physical and spiritual condition at all ages. In offering the latest in superior quality products, we are committed to delivering a product of exceptional value, at the lowest price and in the most efficient way possible. While the joyful aspects of life are meaningful, physical health and well-being must first be achieved. Our mission is to provide the necessary resources to nurture and balance the body, making it possible to LIVE LIFE WELL.