branded solutions

Geri-Care’s domestic manufacturing is the best guarantee that your patients will receive only the highest quality products. In many parts of the world, pharmaceuticals are produced, often with inferior results, due to a lack of quality control and irregular product labeling. Geri-Care professionals are constantly researching and monitoring the latest communications, trends, and results from the FDA, USP and health care organizations. Our continuous dialogue with geriatric specialists in health care professions contributes to the company’s vast knowledge and understanding of the population consuming its pharmaceuticals, and its expertise in serving the nation’s nursing homes. We embrace consistent, easy-to- recognize packaging to help ensure our consumers LIVE LIFE WELL.

Geri-Care makes sure their products feature the Drug Facts directly on the label of the bottle. The color and design of our labels and tablets are created specifically to be identifiable and consistent. Uniformity is the best way to avoid medication error, ensuring that the nursing staff is able to provide the correct medication and dosages to patients in the most efficient manner to ensure our seniors can LIVE LIFE WELL. With over 170 products geared to the nursing home market, we take great pride in our commitment to detail and clarity.