choosing geri-care

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1. made in america quality

Buying Geri-Care is purchasing peace of mind from inferior foreign products and state auditor scrutiny. Today, pharmaceuticals are produced all over the world, which can lead to the compromise of product integrity and quality. Geri-Care’s dedication to help others LIVE LIFE WELL ensures that our domestic manufacturing produces only the highest quality medications and supplements for our consumers. All Geri-Care’s products are FDA approved and held to the same high standards as their brand equivalents. Foreign factories often fail to ensure quality control, leading to inferior results with potentially harmful consequences. Americans, as a result, often mistrust drugs manufactured in India and China (Pew Survey, 2010).

Geri-Care goes an extra step and voluntarily complies with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), regulating the minimum requirements for the methods, facilities, and controls used in manufacturing, processing, and packaging of a drug product. Inspections done by independent labs, such as UL, ensure that Geri-Care medications and supplements meet cGMP standards. These regulations ensure that a product is safe for use and the labels are accurate. Buying Geri-Care means buying a reliable domestic product, and it is the best assurance that consumers can LIVE LIFE WELL.

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2. geared for your patients

Buying Geri-Care is purchasing peace of mind for your patient’s medical needs. Geri-Care is proud to manufacture the best products for patients to LIVE LIFE WELL. We specialize in producing over-the-counter medications that are geriatric-friendly and understand the unique needs of your patients and staff. We pride the consistency of our products as being user-friendly and easily identifiable, from the colors we use to the design of our labels.

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3. clear labeling prevents mis-medication

Buying Geri-Care is purchasing peace of mind from mismedication. With over 250 products on the market, Geri-Care is able to cover the entire spectrum of OTC drugs and supplements. Our bottles are clearly identifiable and consistent reducing the margin for error. All of our products come complete with Drug Facts and dosages directly on the bottles. We believe that with uniformity comes assurance that nursing staff will be able to provide the correct medication and dosage so patients can LIVE LIFE WELL.