call for heroes

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In keeping our promise to help America's elderly LIVE LIFE WELL, Geri-Care has recently launched Call for Heroes campaign. This campaign gives thanks to the men and women who have protected and served our country by doing something special to celebrate these real life American heroes.

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Geri-Care is also thanking nominated veterans by presenting each one with a Geri-Care Call for Heroes medals. These medals serve as a symbol of the nation's gratitude as and a promise that Geri-Care is here to serve these veterans as loyally as they have served our country.

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After reaching out to nursing homes all across the United States, the leading pharmaceutical brand received countless nominations. As a result, 10 WWII veterans, each with their own unique story, will be granted a wish in honor of their service through the campaign.

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Geri-Care's promise to help seniors LIVE LIFE WELL fuels all of our efforts. From our commitment to manufacturing quality OTC pharmaceuticals at the lowest price to efforts such as Call for Heroes, Geri-Care aims to increase the quality of life of the community we serve even beyond the healthcare setting. Wellness on a holistic level is our goal.