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the geri-care advantage

Geri-Care retail partners can feel secure knowing that with our superior quality control comes peace of mind. With a dedicated team utilizing state-of- the-art technology, our satisfied customers know they are guaranteed to receive top-of-the-line products. Our professional team works hard to deliver leading quality products at the lowest prices. We are proud to be at the forefront of the wholesale market, as one of the largest suppliers of OTC drugs and vitamins. Our goal is helping our customers LIVE LIFE WELL.

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Rising popularity in generic brands created a demand from both distributors and hospital suppliers. Geri-Care was determined to become a trusted, leading supplier by providing a superior quality product at highly competitive prices. Paired with an aptitude for providing individualized service, we quickly rose to the top as the leading choice for national wholesale distribution helping people everywhere LIVE LIFE WELL.

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volume capacity

Geri-Care offers an extensive collection of OTC drugs and vitamins, ensuring convenience for our loyal customers. Our large volume capacity allows us to stock raw materials at reduced costs, which translates to savings for our customers. We are dedicated to making generics available, so if there is a product you’d like to see, we are able to research and manufacture it. Our conscientious label staff is experienced with FDA requirements and can work with your art department to ensure all custom labels fit your needs while meeting set regulations.

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quality control

Geri-Care is proud to say that the UL, the premier inspection lab for pharmaceutical manufacturers, was impressed with our barcoding system. Strict quality control is our main goal and we are satisfied knowing that our system ensures complete accuracy from production to product sale. We carefully inspect our products several times before and after packaging to ensure precision. We pride ourselves on receiving high marks from the UL and passing FDA inspections with no 483’s in the last 10 years.

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customer satisfaction

We proudly supply our country’s largest wholesale distributors and retail chains. Our valued customers know and trust that Geri-Care means unrivaled quality and excellent value. We are delighted to offer pharmaceuticals and service that allow our nation’s elderly community to LIVE LIFE WELL.