70-Year-Old Man Sails Across The Atlantic slide

70-Year-Old Man Sails Across The Atlantic

Aleksander Doba set a mission to journey from continent to continent using only his kayak for transportation. Not only did he travel across the sea for months to achieve this feat, but Doba did it three separate times, alone. Doba’s obsession began in the 1980s when he would travel fairly, short distances and occasionally bring his two children along with him. After trying his luck at kayaking with a partner, he realized it was better to go on his own.
He managed to travel across the Atlantic Sea on three separate occasions, surrounded only by waves, sunlight, and the occasional flying fish. Each journey was met with its various struggles such as communication issues, GPS fluctuations, lack of muscle use, and a rotating menu of freeze-dried food. His third voyage took him two attempts because of the harsh weather causing his small 1-meter wide ship to capsize on multiple occasions. He never gave up on his goal and sailed across the Atlantic from New Jersey to France, at the age of 70, with little help along the way.
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